Online booking coming SPRING 2018

Illustration of a yellow excavator
  • Shingles
  • Asphalt
  • Concrete
Illustration of a disposal truck dropping off a bin
  • Household Rubbish
  • Shingles
Illustration of a dumptruck carrying a load of soil
  • Light Duty Construction Materials
  • Esate Clean Up

3-Day Rental $129.99

5-Day Rental $179.99

+ Applicable dump fees

(scroll down to see dump fees chart)


Residential junk from your Home and Garage Cleanups

Mixed Solid Waste (MSW)

Rugs, Insulation, Plastic, Styrofoam, Vinyl, Ceiling Tile, Paper, Windows, Furniture, Clothing, Pressure Treated Wood, Railroad Ties, Household – non recyclables, Glass, etc.

Large or bulky items like mattresses, box springs, hot tub covers etc.

Surcharges WILL apply.


Construction and Renovation Debris

Mixed Recyclable

Demolition Wood, Plywood, Wallboard, Drywall, Cardboard and Mixed Loads, etc.


Lawn and Garden Cleanup

Brush, Leaves, Grass, Garden Waste


Grass Clippings

City of London


Middlesex Centre Residents

No Charge




Asphalt Shingles


Clean Wood

Skids, lumber (2X4′s etc.) No Contaminants


Reinforced Concrete

Concrete with rebar, mesh, wire or anything embedded



Clean Concrete, Bricks, Blocks (No Contaminants)


Recyclable Fill

Dirt, Gravel (No Contaminants)


Freon units

Untagged, A/C Units, Freezers, Fridges, etc.



Car tires

No Charge

Clean Asphalt

Road, driveway, parking lot (No Contaminants)

No Charge


TV, Computers, DVD players, etc.

No Charge